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The Cuban Nation newspaper. Founded in 1999
Miami-Dade County, Florida - USA. 
Director: Lic. Pedro González-Munné
Editorial Board  Archives  Columnists   Editorials
Since 1999 - Offices in Little Havana, Florida, USA
The newspaper of the Cuban American community 
in the United States and Puerto Rico.
Year 18, Vol. 20, No. 195 - November 15, 2017
Columns, Poems, Statements, Letters & messages from The Five, printed in 
The Cuban Nation (Spanish)
Hurting Ordinary Cubans
Trump's Cold War Politicis:
Offices of The Cuban Nation- Miami, FL USA - Contact us
Links from Havana
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Daily Flights to Havana
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Trump’s Cold-War Politics Are Hurting Ordinary Cubans
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Sonic attack mystery may be Cold War flashback, officials say
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Changes to U.S.-Cuba Policy: What’s the Real Impact?
Cadena Agramonte, Cuba
Congress on Community Genetics
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U.S. Restrictions on Travel to and Trade Return
Reuters, UK
Cuban opposition falls at first hurdle as Castro handover looms
The Washington Post, DC
A Soviet Cleansing in Havana
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