The Cuban Nation newspaper. Founded in 1999.
Offices in Little Havana, 
Miami-Dade County, Florida - USA.
Lic. Pedro González-Munné
Editorial Board: 
Lic. Osvaldo Jacinto (Editor-Art & Culture), 
Dr. José M. Estévez (California Correspondent), 
Lic. Pedro Pablo Pereira (Managing Editor)
A. González  (Art Director-Web Master), 
Lic. Jacinto Méndez (Copy Editor-Spanish). 
Consultants: Excel. Felix Pérez, Lic Anatoly Ramírez, 
Eng. Felipe Alvarez, Cmmd. Eloy González, 
Prof. Bill Loredo
In Memoriam: 
Lic. Ramón Crespo Porben,  Lic. Manuel González Bello, 
Cor. G. Perdomo, Prof. Hernan Guerrero, Ing. Guillermo Lara, 
Dr. Fernando Alvarez
Advertisement Managers: 
Pedro González, Sr., Rolando López-Mena. 
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Archivo digital año 2004
54-October 30
Archivo digital año 2005
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We are the largest and most comprehensive alternative newspaper of the Cuban American community in the United Sates and Puerto Rico. Since 1999.