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The Cuban Nation newspaper. Founded in 1999
Miami-Dade County, Florida - USA. 
Director: Lic. Pedro González-Munné
Editorial Board  Archives  Columnists   Editorials
Since 1999 - Offices in Little Havana, Florida, USA
The newspaper of the Cuban American community 
in the United States and Puerto Rico.
Year 18, Vol. 20, No. 194 - October 20, 2017
Columns, Poems, Statements, Letters & messages from The Five, printed in 
The Cuban Nation (Spanish)
Sent from the US
In Havana statue of National Hero:
Offices of The Cuban Nation- Miami, FL USA - Contact us
Links from Havana
Reflections             Speeches        Correo Magazine
Travel to Cuba today
Daily Flights to Havana
Legal and simple
Resets every 9,999
Xinhua, China
Cuba unveils statue of national hero sent from U.S.
U.S. says 2 more American victims confirmed in sonic attacks
Official press on island: looks ‘as though the hurricane had just hit
NBC News, NY
Cuban-American Group to Travel, Help Hurricane Irma Victims
Rolling Stone, NY
Major Lazer's Galvanic Trailer for New Cuba Concert Documentary
Atlantic Council, DC
US Disengagement will Hurt Ordinary Cubans
The NY Times, NY
U.S. Halt in Visa Services Leaves Cuban Families in Limbo
Cuban oil drilling ready for 2018
Asian Review, Japan
Medical diplomacy flag planted in Thailand
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