The Wages of Fear
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To be fair, not all colleagues in Miami suffer from the evils of a nubile crotch. Some have been quick to understand how to survive in this farm with traffic lights and airs of  metropolis.
The heroes of the stampede, once  transplanted to this swamp by  imperial will more than 50 years ago, with their retinue of accomplices, prostitutes and chaplains , have enriched themselves by participating in happy American adventures in Central and South America, Africa and even Europe. They have turned  the swamp into a refuge for murderers, terrorists and criminals of all kinds, whose payment for serving the powerful has been this putrid  piece of land to fry  their skins in the sun.
  But they have not only received the gift of the residence and the forgiveness of their sins. For decades the empire has given tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to support them as a reward for their services as mercenaries, political murderers, terrorist and criminal adventures as were required, even within the U.S. territory.
  The lists of multi-millionaire payments from institutions like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and USAID, merrily skipping over federal laws and regulations, which expressly forbid  financing such programs within U.S. territories are, in the case of the Cuban-American community, a who’s who of former members of intelligence institutions, criminals and even terrorists convicted and confessed.
  It is therefore very difficult for any journalist, reporter or editor in Miami to go against the current, because retaliation against those who oppose the interests of these criminals who are well funded and equipped, to the inclusion of economic terrorism, as once told by ,the late colleague Henry Milian, himself a victim of a bomb, a crime whose perpetrators were never brought to justice,like the late Jorge Mas Canosa , the architect of the downfall of the radio station and other Milian companies.
  Here there are not scholastic concepts like "free speech", "democracy" and " a free exchange of ideas". Here there is only the cruel reality of repression against those who write or place on air a word against these groups, as they are just put out into the street blacklisted for any position in the local press of this free “territory” of the United States, free that is, of U.S. laws. Examples abound of threats, attacks and daily clashes in the streets of Miami
  And now, in the midst of a fierce election campaign for the presidency, Democrats are faced with the true fate of those millions of dollars paid by the Obama Administration to these "exile organizations," that now finance the attacks and deceits against him in the local Hispanic media, while praising the Republican candidate.
  Such are the oddities of this country, these contradictions between the political and imperial interests. But those in newsrooms and radio stations, in corridors and streets, we who are confronted every day by these criminal groups, we understand very well how hard it is to give up the wages of fear, because the peril is not just for journalists, but their families, their friends and any others advocating the right to freely express their ideas.
  It is time for the press and American institutions, so accustomed to look at the speck in thy neighbor's eye and "denounce" human rights abuses and freedom of expression to the four corners of the world, to instead focus for a while on Miami, as the application of justice for this community, a now preferred corner for criminals and terrorists of the XXI century in the United States of America, can no longer wait.
By Pedro González Munné