Praise of Nonsense 
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  The events of the last times in the North American policy towards Cuba have had a predictable variation not by less fool. Of diplomatic strategy, we have happened to showbiz, without at least the threat of a modest transition.  
  The imperial position towards Latin America continues being atrocious and stubborn, but myopic and without viable initiative, that is: we needed less commercial words and but action for a President at whom it arrived the hour to be presidential and considers to turn its campaign promises as far as immigration reform for the Latin's, relations with the neighbors and changes with respect to Cuba, in a reality.  
  In the case of South Florida, we have had to Obama in the patio in the best form in than the Cuban Americans we know to do: paying the bill.  
  It is what it has done Cuba in the last ten years of commercial relations with the United States, without receiving commercial interchange due to the embargo, have bought foods and other products in a tedious and ferocious process of bureaucratic licensing, by almost a billion dollars annually. Significantly the same number which they obtain by concept of passports, proceedings, rights of landing, processing of remittances, packages of familiar aid and others, from the Cuban Americans that travel to the island.  
  Cuba gives back until the last cent to this country of the money that receives to receive to the communitarians and acquires products that of another way could have in favorable contracts of interchange by countries of other parts of the world. Suggestive or not?  
  The North American policy changed, the vision on the Cuban American community has happened to be of anti-communist fighters, freedom combatants and prop of the republican traditions, to a reactionary and hustlers hindrances of the taxpayer money, where the gleam is again to be maraca players and rumba dancers.  
  Recycled singers who make fortunes exploding the talents of Latin American composers and artists just arrived at these beaches, in spite of apostatizing of their language, its culture, accepted the transition to Spanish by the real ticket, and now, they become political figures.  
  It is as the case of Mr. Montaner that has gained brightness in its debate with Silvio Rodriguez, a silly thing for the Cuban author and singer when putting itself to the height of this miserable one. We remember when we had a debate in a program of Bernardita Pardo years ago and he said to be calling from Paris in a cellular phone. When he does not have arguments to discuss promised to return on the following day. Have a chair and wait!  
  It let the heights of the fight in Paris and Madrid to return to the Miami crib to drink from federal tit because there they got tired of its miseries.  
  In short, I do not know what Mr. Estefan whispered to Obama, or if he ate tamales or croquetas of Eight street and sincerely I do not care, but can recommend him some things to solve the crisis to with Cuba and perhaps polish his Latin American and international image:  
  Instead of spending millions in a dissidence, that does not represent anything for the present Cuban reality and to end up fomenting reactionary organizations without a talent of change, he can make presidential decisions and not make us wait for other 50 years:  
  First: Name an envoy plenipotentiary (not Estefan please) who speaks Spanish and go to Havana to discuss important subjects, as the stabilization of the diplomatic relations and the abolition of the Cuban Adjustment Act.  
  Second: Allow the freedom of travel of the North Americans and eliminate with this an anti-constitutional and absurd limitation. 
  Finally, if it is not much to request, lets rest the corpses perhaps and do not give a cent to the exile organizations, thus we pruned to have a little peace in the South Florida.  
  I do not request the lifting of the Embargo, because it is not to its reach, but is something that would complete the justice of a criminal and myopic aggression against generations of Cubans.  
  It is all Mr. President and by the way, congratulations, I do not know at least if the Estefan's croquetas gave you heart burn, but two million dollars pay tremendous amount of antacid.
Por Pedro González Munné