Bye Bye Cubanito
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Por Pedro González Munné
Director of The Cuban Nation
  The recent revelations of multimillionaire swindles of Cuban clans of historical exile, seated in Florida from the 60’s; the cut of more than $100 million dollars granted annually by the federal Government to sustain their political organizations from the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 and, the unexpected resignations of the Cuban American politicians Melquiades ‘Mel’ Martinez (Senator) and Lincoln Diaz Balart (Congressman), confirm their waited for not announced agony by less.

  Transplanted with lawyers and doctors, thousand of political personages and their acolytes of the bloody dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista (the same one that the American Government did not admitted in his territory) took root in Miami and, participated since then in whichever bloody adventure the institutions of intelligence and, the worse interests of the North American society created ( read the plumbers of Watergate, the invasion of Bay of Pigs and the Coup d’état against the president Salvador Allende in Chile)

  During decades they were overcoming the resistance of the different original communities in the area until enriched with the money laundering of the drug trade and, the federal aid to sustain them, they began to tie to the local and state (and soon after federal) politics to be implanted as implacable followers of the worse extremist conservative, racist and anti migrants interest of the American society.

  But all the good things come to and end, the country renews and before the popular displeasure and the interminable economic crisis extended all along of this immense territory, this reactionary dock begins to crumble. Without the support of its first institutions, revealing one after another its crimes at all the levels.

  There is no hope for them, only history's waste basket. At least hundreds of thousands of Cuban American immigrants, surviving in the precarious labor conditions of south of Florida, can return to Cuba for the familiar encounter and the medical compassion of the gratuitous attention. But these miserable ones will only stay as the bitter memory of a generation that destroyed a country, caused a revolution and here, through blackmail and the robbery became rich in the shade of an imperial power.

  Bye Bye Cubanito. Your time has ended.

Coral Gables, FL March 2010